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Posted by Genadi Petkov on 27 July 2019 04:47 PM


We are aware of an issue with the raid controller of server UK65 and we are working with our data center technicians to resolved it.

We will post updates as more information is available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in the meantime.


Update on 4:10 AM EST:

The issue has been caused by 3 drives in the RAID array failing at the same time. These drives have been now replaced and the RAID array is being rebuilt. Due to the unusually high number of drives the process is slow and we have no guarantee that the result will be a healthy file system, we are making alternative arrangements for a backup restore of the server in the meantime.

Update on 2:00 PM EST:

The raid rebuilt has finished, but unfortunately the data has been damaged beyond repair and isn't usable.

We have started to restore the accounts from the server to one of our other UK servers: (main shared IP:

If your domain names are using our Name Servers or Private Name Servers based on ours, no changes will be required for your sites to start working once restored.

If your domain name uses external Name Servers (like Cloudflare DNS for example), you will need to manually change your A record to the main shared IP of the new server.

We will keep track of the restore progress here.


Update on 8 AM EST, 31st of July: Restore progress is on 91%.


Restore is complete.

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