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How do I setup the Cpanel Plugin in Clientexec?
Posted by Chris W. on 04 February 2008 04:36 AM
The Cpanel plugin allows auto-creation of accounts upon approval within Clientexec. To setup the plugin, please do the following:
  • Go to Admin, Servers
  • Edit the existing server name if available
  • Enter the your domain name for the hostname
  • Enter the Shared IP of the server (Ip that shared accounts will be placed)
  • Enter the nameservers for your domain (Update is required to enter additional NS)
  • Select Cpanel for your plugin from the dropdown
  • Enter the username for WHM (Username used to login to WHM)
  • Visit your WHM, and Generate a Remote Access Key. Copy those contents, excluding the <---Begin Key----> and <---End Key--->. Do not copy the begin and end.
  • Paste that key into the Access Hash section in Clientexec (ensuring there are no additional spaces at the beginning or end)
  • Select No for SSL (many people receive errors when using SSL)
  • Enter your email address for any notifications
  • Checkbox the events you wish to perform via the plugin
Now that you've setup the plugin, you now need to edit your packages to mirror those in WHM. Open up your WHM in one browser window, and in your existing browser window, go to Admin => Types & Packages and select a package you wish to use. Do remember this package must have domain options set to yes to use the Cpanel plugin. After selecting the package, there will be a section towards the bottom of the package for Plugin Configuration. Here is where you'll need to enter the package names from WHM. If you are a reseller with a userame of johndoe, and your packagename is johndoe_Basic in WHM, you must paste that exact name into Clientexec.

If you are the root user of WHM, your package names may not contain the username preceding the _Basic. The names of the packages must match exactly in WHM and Clientexec.
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