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How do I setup my server in Clientexec?
Posted by Chris W. on 04 February 2008 04:36 AM
To setup your server, go to Admin, Plugins, Servers.

There should be a default server. You can update the default server with your information, or create a new server by using the "Add New Server" button.

The "Server Name" can be anything you want for the name. It is best to keep it simple, or use the name for the server.

Then for the "hostname" you can enter the domain name of a domain on the server you will be controlling, or the hostname of the server. At times, we have seen that the hostname of the server does not always work.

The "Shared IP" will the the IP Address your host has given you to add your shared hosting accounts on. Most of the time, people generally use their Secondary DNS Ip for this.

The "Nameserver" will be what is assigned to you. The "IP" will be which IP is assigned to that nameserver. You must first have your DNS Nameservers registered with a registrar in order for them to be active.

If you have multiple IP's to offer clients, you can enter them in the "IP Pool Management".

The Access Hash is the Remote Access Key generated from WHM. Upon pasting that key in, only copy the key itself. Do not copy the -----Begin----- and ------End------

The rest of the server is related to the control panel plugins which can also be found in our KnowledgeBase.
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