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Guide to Setting up a Company Profile
Posted by on 26 April 2012 08:29 PM

About Your Company Profile

Your company profile is what we use to determine the responses to your customers. Standard technical issues with the server don't need any instructions in the company profile, however there are company specific items which need to be addressed in the profile so we can attend to the queries and requests of your customers.

The more information in your company profile, the better, however it is important to keep it structured and relevant so our engineers can find the information they require quickly.

What You Should Address

The below is our core policies in regards to end user support:

  • Password resets are to be confirmed with billing.
  • Any information we need should be on the profile in a clean structured format so it is readily available
  • We do not follow or click on any of the links in the profileAny question we are unsure of is left for the customer to answer.
  • In cases where we believe providing or performing an action can be a security risk to your business, we will leave the ticket.
  • We do not access your billing system or login to it.
  • We do not tutor the user on any aspect of the system as the main point is for us to resolve support issues. Pointing them in the right direction is done however.
  • 3rd party scripts are never answered under any circumstances. We also will not leave a note that we are not handling it, you should automatically assume so.


The below are the policies you can change (you need to specifically state what you want us to do if it deviates from the core policy):


  • Password resets - You can allow us to reset a password and send it to the email address associated with the cPanel account without billing authorisation.
  • Questions we are unsure of - You can request a ticket note be left that we are not handling this ticket or it is awaiting input for you instead of leaving it.We can also inform the customer that the request has been forwarded to the concerned person.
  • Security Risks - In cases where you want us to ignore all security risks and attend to the issue reported, you must specifically state what security aspects we should ignore.
  • No tutoring - You can write out guides for us to paste that will assist your customer.

A Sample Company Profile

The below sample company profile is an example of a well structured profile. Feel free to use it as a template:

Handling Technical Support
* When receiving a request for Joomla, tell the customer the issue is being looked at and include a ticket 
note for me to handle * If a customer asks instructions to install XYZ, please instruct them to visit * You may delete/re-create accounts upon customer request without authorisation from billing * You may make major account changes upon customer request without authorisation from billing -------------------------------- Handling Billing -------------------------------- * Password resets must be handled by the billing department. Please leave the ticket for us (no notes
needed) * Customers can pay us using PayPal or Credit Card. They can view invoices and perform billing functions
here * If a customer complains they have been suspended due to billing, you can unsuspend them and leave a
note for me * Customers asking for our PayPal address provide them with: -------------------------------- Handling Sales -------------------------------- We provide the following services and will handle such tickets ourselves: * Webdesign * Content writing * Webmaster services * Website integrations If the client asks about domain name prices, they are: *.com - $x.xx per year * - $x.xx per year (minimum 2 years) *.net - $x.xx per year We provide shared web hosting, the below is our plans and prices: * 100mb webspace, 1gb bandwidth, 10 POP3 mail accounts, 10 subdomains, 10 mysql ** $7.99 per month Also provide the full plan comparison page to the customer at Requests for custom plans should be left for us. *If a customer requests uptime stats, they are at *If a customer asks how many years in business say 6. *If a customer asks how many staff members, say 4 -------------------------------- Approach to tickets -------------------------------- *Use a hardsell but be polite. Not too pushy. *Feel free to use smileys every now and again (but don't over do it!) *If a customer expresses a complaint, let them know it has been reported to upper management and leave
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