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End User Support Desk
Posted by on 26 April 2012 08:01 PM

About the End User Support Desk

InnoHosting has developed its own support desk software which we will install for you for free. This desk comes complete with a WHMCS plugin. Using the plugin, you can integrate WHMCS with our support desk application. Your customers can log any issues via WHMCS, as well as view the tickets, respond etc. Additionally, you can login to the support desk admin area and view our responses as well as respond to a ticket yourself.

The system works in a way which encourage collaboration with InnoHosting. You can set times of day, which days and departments we should reply to in case you wanted to handle some support yourself, or can set it all to 24x7 for InnoHosting to manage your complete back-end support.

We can capture necessary information from you which allows us tailor each response individually to your company. You can tell us to push for a hardsell and any sales questions, we'll do our best to complete the sale, or in contrast you can tell us not to or define how you want us to respond.

EndSupport provides you with many powerful features to completely customise the end user support experience. Some notable features include:

  • Company Profile - Include information about your company and how you would like us to handle your support. This information is displayed to techs when answering the tickets of your clients.
  • Hand-over Times - Choose the days and times we answer your support. If there are certain times of the day or certain days which you prefer to handle support, you can set it in EndSupport. We will then not handle tickets during those times. Furthermore, you can choose to handle certain departments yourself or pass them to us. This can be handy if you prefer to handle support yourself, but need to take some time off without worrying about who is going to handle your support. All the changes you make are effective immediately.
  • Powerful API - Customise the front end and behaviour of the EndSupport application. Integrate it into various billing systems and even your own software. By default, InnoHosting includes a WHMCS plug-in complete with source code.

Request Set Up Of EndSupport


1. Open a ticket with the General department requesting authorisation of your enduser support account.

2. Once approved, log into your billing area and go to

We will then go ahead and set it up within 1 business day(Monday to Friday).

Once set up you will receive further documentation on using EndSupport.

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