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Installing your WHMCS Knowledgebase Articles
Posted by on 26 April 2012 07:51 PM

WHMCS Knowledgebase Articles

The InnoHosting WHMCS Knowledgebase Articles are a collection of pre-written articles which inject directly into the Knowlegdebase section of your WHMCS application. They include over 90 articles of various categories.

The articles will only install on an InnoHosting server, you will not be able to inject them anywhere else.

To install:

  • 1. Download the file WHMCS KB Installer from the Downloads section of your reseller account by Following the steps
  • 2. Unzip the package on your computer. You should have the folder: kb_installer. Within this folder, there should be one file called kb_installer.php
  • 3. Upload the folder to the following location in your WHMCS application: /modules/addons
  • 4. Open up your WHMCS and login as admin. On the top tabs, go to "Set Up" -> "Addon Modules". You should see the the InnoHosting KB Installer be displayed. Click on "Activate" and when it asks for permissions, grant access to "Administrator"
  • 5. Refresh your page, now at the top you should have another tab called "Addons", hover over it and InnoHosting KB Installer will appear.

Choose the articles you want injected, then click on "Install KBs"

Your knowledgebase articles will then be injected straight into your WHMCS with the appropriate categories created as well.

Existing articles will not be overwritten.

Known Limitations

Customers that are on a dedicated IP may experience an IP authorisation error. In such an instance, please contact the General department *with your dedicated IP address* to have your dedicated IP authorised. Please note that this is your InnoHosting dedicated IP that needs to be authorised and not the IP of your computer

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