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How to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request)
Posted by Rameen V. on 14 March 2012 02:15 AM

Pre-Requisites for an SSL Certificate

Before obtaining an SSL certificate, you'll need to perform a couple of tasks:

1. Make sure you have purchased a dedicated IP address. Each SSL will require its own IP.
2. Make sure the SSL is being installed on a cPanel account that doesn't have an SSL installed already (i.e. for an addon domain). Each cPanel account will support a maximum of 1x SSL certificate
3. Generate your CSR/RSA key (see below)

What Is a CSR?

A CSR is an acronym for Certificate Signing Request. You need to a CSR to obtain your certificate. The SSL is generated using the information in your CSR.

How to Generate a CSR

NOTE: Make sure you keep a copy of your CSR and RSA key. They will be needed in the future. We do not keep any copies.

First, login to your WHM (WebHostManager) control panel (via - replacing with your actual domain name or server IP).

On the left navigation bar, scroll down to "SSL/TLS" and click on the "Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request"

You will then be presented with a series of fields. Here is how to fill them in:

Email Address the Cert will be sent to: This is the email address that will receive a copy of the CSR and RSA key

The email address that will be displayed on the certificate 

Password  The challenge password. Note, do not use any special characters here. Use numbers and letters only
Host to make cert for The URL which the certificate will operate on. Do take note that an SSL certificate is very precise with its URL's. An SSL will only work with one absolute URL.

For example if you generate a certificate for then it will only work for and not (notice the missing www. prefix). Likewise if you generate a certificate for: then it will only work with and not (note the added www. prefix).

The same concept applies to subdomains. An SSL generated for will only work for and nothing else (such as, <anything-here>

As such please make sure you are certain you fill this field accurately. You cannot change your mind once the certificate has been submitted and you will need to purchase a new certificate if you want any aspect changed.
City City which your company office is based
State State/county in which your company office is based 
Company Name Your company name 
Key Size Encryption strength - Use 2048 bits. Anything less will result in an error later on. 

Click on "Create". You will be presented with three items.

  1. Certificate signing request
  2. Certificate (self signed)
  3. RSA Key

We do not need the self signed certificate and you should not provide us this certificate. It is not your SSL certificate and using this will result in an error on your website.

We need just the Certificate Signing Request and the RSA key. Save both of the keys as you will need them later on and when renewing the certificate. 

During the SSL process, you may be asked about the Web Server Type. Please choose "cPanel" or "cPanel/WHM".


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