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What server specifications do you use?
Posted by Rameen V. on 11 May 2007 03:23 PM

InnoHosting utilizes powerful server-grade hardware on all our servers. We don't use cheap desktop parts to make our servers appear more powerful than they really are - we use true server-grade hardware for all servers.

All InnoHosting servers are custom designed & built by InnoHosting. By building and deploying our own servers, we're able to have full control over the quality and performance of the server. Every component that we use has been benchmarked against others for performance and reliability. By carefully selecting each component, designed for a specific purpose, we're able to construct a server that has been optimally designed for the purpose it has been created for, ensuring our customers receivea robust foundation that they can build their business upon.

We're often asked what server specifications we actually use, how much RAM, CPU? While we're happy to answer these questions, it's important to note that to you as the customer, what specifications we use (or any other host uses) isn't an indicator of anything and it will not dictate how well your website is going to perform. 

InnoHosting takes things a step further by investing a lot of time and effort into our hardware selection process, but that is only half the story. How well those servers are maintained and how packed they are play very important roles in relation to how well your website is going to perform. For example, you can have a 10 year old server with nothing but 1x small website on it. That old server will out-perform a modern server that has been overloaded way above what we would consider as optimal. As is obvious, it can be very misleading when the server specs are advertised and many hosting companies will decide to pack those high-end servers as much as they can, but any and all hardware as its limitations.

At InnoHosting, we prefer not to just use big numbers that make our hardware sound powerful, but we actually maintain our servers well, we significantly under-utilize our servers and make sure we don't use a component because it sounds "cool" to the customer, but actually use the right parts and components that will deliver true raw performance for the task they have been designed for.

Typically, InnoHosting servers will have anything between 32-64GB RAM, 12-24 Core CPU's and hard disks arranged in a RAID10 that gives you high IO (great for db transactions) along with significant redundancy.

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