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What datacenter do you use?
Posted by Rameen V. on 11 May 2007 03:20 PM
530 West 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

InnoHosting houses all its equipment at the premium carrier hotel - TelecomCenter, situated in downtown LA.

Telecom Center LA is located directly adjacent to the One Wilshire Building on the corner of 6th Street and Grand Ave. in the heart of the "Telecom District," in Downtown Los Angeles. Telecom Center LA offers the widest possible array of connectivity options for its tenants with high-bandwidth service available from almost every carrier in the Western U.S. and a direct conduit link of less than 500 linear feet to the One Wilshire "Meet-me Room."

Being in the telecom district, we have a wide choice of bandwidth carriers. InnoHosting uses the business grade carrier - Mzima.

Mzima Networks has designed a completely fault-tolerant backbone network connecting to multiple Tier-1 carriers and numerous private peers to provide the highest performance and reliability. Mzima uses customized, proprietary software in combination with BGP4 routing to make on-the-fly routing decisions, constantly analyzing the many possible paths customer traffic can take. Their expertise and focus is on routing and traffic delivery, allowing customers to receive the benefits of well-managed multi-homed bandwidth without requiring the expertise, equipment or associated costs, as well as receive the benefits of direct private peering with end-user ISP networks.

Mzima interconnects at most major peering locations in the US as well as London. Mzima network is engineered to move IP traffic to and from end-users as quickly as possible. For this reason Mzima aggressively pursues direct traffic exchange with broadband ISPs around the world.

Internet routing is exceptionally complex and ever-changing. BGP4 routing requires a high degree of specific expertise and knowledge to receive the greatest benefit. This means constant policies analysis and adaptations, responding to security threats, and ongoing route optimization. Our team of routing experts make this their primary focus, allowing customers to focus on their primary business activity, whatever that may be.

Mzima's network features:

* Fully-redundant architecture
* Fully line-rate 10 Gigabit backbone with over 250 Gbps of transit/peering capacity
* SONET-based optical transport network for physical-level resiliency
* Next-generation IP network design
* Customized routing policies for customers
* BGP best-path routing, combined with Mzima's proprietary route-analysis system constantly monitoring packet loss, latency, and jitter
* Automatic detection and re-routing around network failures
* Aggressive peering policy allowing for local data delivery
* Carrier fault-tolerance
* Non-oversubscribed bandwidth
* Quality of Service monitoring and analysis
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