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Posted by Chris W. on 06 July 2008 10:45 PM

Setting up Tax Rules

In order to charge tax, you must first enable Tax charges in WHMCS. To do this, go to Configuration > Tax Setup and then tick the checkbox at the top of the page labelled Tax Enabled and click Save Changes. Tax is now enabled in WHMCS. Now, you can proceed to setup your tax zones. This is done as follows:

  1. Click the Add New Tax Rule tab on the Tax Setup page
  2. In the Name field, enter a name for the tax zone which allows you to identify it
  3. Next, for the Country, choose where this tax rate applies to all countries or whether it only applies to a selected country
  4. For the state, again you can choose whether it applies to all states in the selected country or only a selected state
  5. Finally, enter the tax rate as a percentage, for example 17.5 and then click the Save Changes button

For example, if you were a UK business you would setup the system to charge VAT. In the country field, you would choose "United Kingdom" and for the state you would leave it set at "Apply Rule to All States". You would then enter the tax rate of "17.50" and click the Save Changes button. You can setup an unlimited number of tax rules.

Setting Taxed Items

The flexible tax system in WHMCS allows you to set individually which items apply for tax. By default in WHMCS, a product is set to not be taxed. What this means is that even though you have tax rules setup, no tax would be charged for it. So for example you might charge tax on the products you offer but not on services.

Setting a Product/Service as Taxable

  1. Go to Configuration > Products/Services
  2. Click the edit icon next to the product you wish to set to be taxable
  3. Select the "Other" tab at the top of the screen
  4. Tick the checkbox next to the item labelled "Tax Product"
  5. Save your changes to the product

Setting Domains as Taxable

You can set if tax should be applied to domains in Configuration > Tax Setup - there is a tick box at the top of the page for this.

Setting Late Fees as Taxable

You can set if late fees on invoices should be taxed also in Configuration > Tax Setup.

Showing your Tax ID/VAT Number on Invoices

When charging your customers tax, it is often a requirement for you to display your companies Tax or VAT Number on all invoices. To do this in WHMCS, simply add a line to the bottom of your company address in the General Settings page containing the number - eg. VAT Number XXXXXXXX

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