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Posted by Chris W. on 06 July 2008 10:43 PM

Adding a New Server

You can add new servers by going to Configuration > Servers > Add New Server. You should fill out all the fields. They are as follows:

  • Name - should be unique to allow you to identify this server
  • IP Address - this is the primary IP address of the server - used to connect to it
  • Monthly Cost - optional field - used in reports to calculate profit if entered
  • Datacenter/NOC - optional field - used only for you to remember where the server is located
  • Maximum No. of Accounts - a value used to work out the percentage usage of the server (must be entered, can be very large)
  • Server Status Address - described below
  • Primary/Secondary/Tertiary/Quaternary Nameservers - these are the nameservers for this server, eg. and - used in welcome email and when registering domains
  • Primary/Secondary/Tertiary/Quaternary Nameserver IPs - these are the ips for each of the nameservers, can be used in emails
  • Server Type, Username, Access Hash and Password - should be the login (root/reseller) details for your server (Or Username/Access Hash for cPanel/WHM Servers)
  • Server Status URL - This is the url to the status folder. The status folder allows WHMCS to monitor each of your servers load's and uptime. You can upload the status folder to every one of your servers and then enter the url to this folder in each servers configuration section. This way, when clients go to the Server Status page, they will be able to see the load and uptime for the servers. If this field is left blank, the server is not displayed on the server status page. The status folder is included in the WHMCS Zip File download.

Deleting a Server

You cannot delete a server while there are any accounts assigned to it. That includes terminated and cancelled accounts. You should not consider deleting a server that is/has been used. To actually delete it, go to Configuration > Servers and then click the red X icon on the same row as the server you wish to delete. If it is allowed to be deleted you'll get a confirmation popup confirming you want to delete it and once you click Ok it will be removed.

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