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The announcements system along with showing announcements in the client area will also output announcements into an XML RSS Feed for use in readers and on other websites. For this to work, all you need to do is ensure the announcements.xml file is CHMOD 777 (755 if installed on a suphp enable server).


You can add downloads to the site for your users. These can either be hosted locally or remotely. For remotely hosted files, simply enter the full URL to the files starting with http:// in the file location field. For local files it should just be the filename.

Downloads can be either public or private and if private, only users who are logged in will have access to them. You can also specify certain products which can be downloaded only once the associated package is purchased.


The knowledgebase allows you to create a collection of commonly asked questions and there answers. You can group these into categories and set them to be either visible or private (admin only). The client area offers the user the choice of browing through the articles in your KB or searching based on keywords they enter.

Support Tickets

The support ticket system is a fully featured ticket desk that allows you to handle all communication with your clients. Featuring threaded discussions, private notes, ticket flagging, varying priority levels, auto inactive ticket closing and much much more... Admins can be assigned on a per department basis so they have access only to the area they are meant to be dealing with.

In order to have emails from users automatically import into the ticket system as tickets, you need to configure Email Piping

Automated Knowledgebase Article Suggestions

As a user enters a message for submission as a support ticket, WHMCS can lookup and display relevant articles that match keywords in the submission text and display them to the user in an attempt to answer a clients question without them needing to ever submit the ticket. This is designed to help reduce common support questions. To turn this feature on or off, go to General Settings > Support > Knowledgebase Suggestions

Ticket Flagging

Flagging a ticket to another admin is useful if you want to bring the ticket to the attention of another staff member. Flagged tickets appear highlighted and emboldended to the staff member they are flagged to. To do this, open the ticket and on the Options tab, simply choose the admin user in the Flag dropdown menu then click Save.

Predefined Ticket Replies

Predefined ticket replies are useful if you get asked the same questions repeatedly via support tickets. With a predefined reply, this can be loaded into the reply box when replying to a users ticket and modified as required to answer the users question.

Adding a Predefined Reply

To setup a predefined reply, go to Support Center > Predefined Replies. You will first need to setup at least one category for predefined replies, for example "Pre-Sales", and then you can create your predefined replies inside the appropriate category.

Using a Predefined Reply

To use a predefined ticket reply when relpying to a users ticket, when viewing the ticket click on the Reply tab near the top of the page and then click the "Insert Predefined Ticket Reply" link located immediately below the text area for entering your reply. A popup window will appear allowing you to select the reply you want to use and it will then be loaded into the reply message box once selected. You can then edit the reply as required to customise it to the user and then click Reply button as normal.

Allowed File Attachments

Support tickets and replies allow a file to be uploaded along with them for if the user needs to send you something or if you need to send the user something.

The list of allowed file types is configured by going to Configuration > General Settings > Support Tickets. By default, the allowed file types are .jpg, .gif, .jpeg, and .png (ie. image files). It is not possible to allow the user to upload PHP files due to the security risks this creates. You can add new allowed file types to the list such as .pdf, .zip, etc... Just add them into the allowed extensions field seperating each allowed ending with a comma.

NOTE: The file upload restrictions do not apply to admin users and an admin user can attach any type of file to a ticket.

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