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Custom Fields
Posted by Chris W. on 06 July 2008 10:15 PM

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to collect additional information from your clients. WHMCS allows you to setup an unlimited number of customer fields which apply to clients, individual products/services and support departments. They can also be set to Admin Only or you can get the client to populate the field when they signup.

Common examples are questions like how did you find out site, do you want to join the mailing list, VAT/Tax Number, etc...

Supported Field Types

  • Text Box - for text entry
  • Dropdown Menu - for a selection of options to choose from
  • Tick Box - for a yes/no answer
  • Textarea - for a long text entry of multiple lines

Client Custom Fields

You can create client profile related fields in Config > Custom Client Fields. These can be shown on the order form if you want the client to enter them or only seen via the admin area for private entries. The client can view and edit the field values from the client area unless they are set to admin only.

Product Custom Fields

Products you create can have custom fields added to them which are then shown to the user during the order process. This allows you to collect furthur information specific to an individual product necessary to process the order. These are set when configuring a product in Config > Products & Services.

Support Custom Fields

Custom fields for support are set per department and allow you to ask users for additional information when opening tickets. This is often used for things such as domain name support is being contacted about, root login details for server support, etc...

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