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Order Management
Posted by Chris W. on 06 July 2008 10:09 PM

Placing an Order

You can place an order by going to Orders > Add New Order. The first step is to choose the client you want to place the order for and decide whether you want to send the order confirmation email and/or generate the invoice. If the options are greyed out you will need to click the Change Order Options button before you can change them. You can then continue to place the order as per the normal process.

An easier way than using the dropdown menu to locate the client you want to add the order to is to locate the client first using the regular WHMCS search options and then from the Actions menu on the Clients Summary page, just click the Add New Order link.

Accepting Pending Orders

Whenever an order is placed in WHMCS, it comes in as a pending order. To view pending orders, go to Orders > List Pending Orders. From there you can accept or deny the order.

It is important to note that while all orders are pending until activated, the items in that order - hosting accounts and domains - will be automatically activated based on your auto setup options and auto registration options. So if you have them set for instantly upon payment that will be done while the order remains pending. This is to ensure you manually review each order you get.

Changing the status of an Order

To change the status of an order to cancelled or fraud, locate that order in the orders list and click the Order ID number to view the details of it. Then in the row of actions buttons at the bottom of the page, simply click the Cancel or Fraud buttons. This will set the status of the order and all items in that order to either Cancelled or Fraud and if there is an active hosting account on the server then it will be terminated.

Reviewing Fraud Check Results

If you use the MaxMind service, then you might want to check the results sent back from MaxMind regarding an order. You can do this from the order details page. You get to that by clicking the Order ID number for an order next to the order in the list of orders. You will then see an option labelled "Fraud Check Results" which will list what was received back from MaxMind regarding that order.

Note that if an order's fraud score is over your setting's threshold it will skip the 'Pending' status and be set to 'Fraud'.

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