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Client Management
Posted by Chris W. on 06 July 2008 10:07 PM

Adding a Client

To add a new client, go to Clients > Add New Client. You will then be presented with the Add New Client form. You can choose whether or not to send the client a welcome info email using the tick box at the bottom of the page.

Adding a Contact

To add a new contact, begin by locating the client in your WHMCS and entering their Clients Summary page and then click on the Contacts tab. If they already have existing contacts setup, the first of these will be shown - in this case, you need to choose Add New from the dropdown menu. If they don't have any contacts setup then you can just proceed with entering the details of the new contact. Clients can also manage contacts from the client area themselves.

The minimum required fields are First & Last Name and Email Address. The other fields are optional when adding a contact from the client area. You will see an Email Notifications section with 5 checkboxes for each of the five email categories that you can assign this contact to. Just tick the boxes for the email groups you want this contact to receive.

Once completed, simply click the Add Contact button to complete the process.

Setting a Billing Contact

A billing contact is used where the name/address an invoice should be sent to differs from the main account and/or the name/address of the card holder that will be paying the invoice is different (if using a merchant gateway). A billing contact is setup in the normal way as above and then from the main profile area for that client, in the Default Billing Contact you need to select the contact which you've setup for the purpose.

Changing a Clients Status

Rather than deleting a user you would normally just change the users status for record keeping purposes. To do this, go to the Profile tab of the client you wish to change and then select the status you want in the dropdown box. Then click the Save Changes button to save the new status.

  • Active - Can login and has active services
  • Inactive - Can login but has no active services currently
  • Closed - No active services and cannot login to the client area

Please note: The clients status does not stop invoicing if their packages status is still active

Managing Credit

You may want to add credit to a client if they overpay one month or if you have some downtime which you want to provide credit for. With WHMCS, you can give the client a credit balance and when their next invoice is generated, this credit will be automatically applied to it. If the credit is enough to cover the entire invoice, the invoice is automatically marked paid. Otherwise, the total amount due is just decreased by the required amount.

Issuing Credit to a Client

Begin by going to the Clients Summary page for the client you wish to add Credit to On the Quick Links section, click the link "Manage Credits" In the popup window that is displayed, click the Add Credit button Enter a description for the credit for your records and the amount of credit to add and click "Save Changes" The credit will be added to the clients balance and credit entry shown on the credits list

Manual Adjustment

If you don't want to log the adding of credit to a client or just want to make an adjustment to the credit balance of a user, simply go to their Clients Profile. From there, you can edit the Credits Balance field to change the amount of credit the client has available.

Merging Clients

To merge two seperate client accounts into one, locate the first of the clients and click the "Merge Client Accounts" link in the Actions section of the Client Summary panel. You will then be presented with a popup window which allows you to select the other client to merge with and choose which client profile is kept and which is discarded with the merge to client 1 or merge to client 2 selection option.

Deleting a Client

Deleting a client removes everything related to that client from the WHMCS database except for transactions. They are considered income that isn't being refunded just because the client is being removed. To delete the client, begin by clicking the Clients tab on the Administration Menu Bar. Browse for the client you wish to delete and click their name to enter the Clients Summary page. From here, click Delete Client in red from the Quick Links section of the summary page. You will be asked to confirm you want to delete the user and after confirming the user will be removed and you will be returned to the Clients List. Should you wish to remove their transactions aswell, you should do this before deleting the client from the Transactions tab.

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